Over the last 20 years, Grand Slam Fitness has aided over 5 million people to achieve a healthy life, making it one of the key drivers of the fitness revolution in India. Boasting of a higher growth than the industry itself, the company is proud to have more satisfied customers and market presence than the next two competitors put together. Aiming to become the industry standard and the undisputed leader in the fitness industry, Grand Slam Fitness is set to achieve its goals.

In 1992, Grand Slam started as a retail outlet in South Delhi with sports,toys and fitness products. Due to the unavailability of an extensive range of fitness equipment, the only equipment of mass interest were exercise cycles from Indian manufacturers Hero and Atlas; and the only items involved in mass sales were Dumbbells, Plates and Benches. Foreseeing the oncoming health and fitness revolution in India and realizing the potential of the industry, Grand Slam was the first fitness company in North India to start retailing treadmills manufactured by ICON (USA). In 1996, it went on to become the first organized Fitness Equipment retailer in North India.